Optimus Pure BIO Oxy Bleach

A biodegradable, biologically active, citrus scented bleaching powder that releases oxygen, replacing chlorine-based bleaches.



This product is ideal as an additive for pre-soaking laundry and machine washing. Can be used to soak mops and dish clothes. It is also excellent as a cleaning and brightening agent in bathrooms, showers, ceramics, tiles, grout and more.

How to use the product
For light-duty, dilute 1 in 1000. For medium duty cleaning dilute 1 in 100. For extreme heavy duty, make a 1 in 10 paste. For general laundry, add 10 – 20g of product per 5kg load of washing. For pre-soaking or dirty mops and cloths, add 20 – 40g per 10L of water.

The product is also workable using a brush, scourer or sponge.

Packaging type
Compostable cardboard box containing 1 kg granules in compostable bag with 10g scoop.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 20 cm


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